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Hinged steel pins have some advantages and some disadvantages.

One shot knocks them down. I load my 45 light for faster recovery.

2 shots can make a pin fall faster if its a close competition.

Time trials stop when the last shot is fired, so two shots make for a longer time.

Any caliber can compete with steel pins.
I remember shooting real pins with 44 special, 357 and 45 acp. Some fella would come along with a many shot 9mm. We would let him play, but it took lots of shots to clear the table.

Its all in fun where we shoot. No one is a snob. We had one fella shooting his shield. He missed all the pins with both magazines. By the end of season he could shoot them all.

During a head to head, if one guy gets all pins in 5 or 6 shots, they sometimes let the lesser experienced keep shooting until all pins are down instead of stopping the match because there is a winner.

Its a good time, my girlfriend shoots with her Buckmark and a dot sight. My daughter uses a Mark I with a scope and her Kimber 2 tone 1911 style 9mm. I use a different revolver each week if I can.

We sometimes use our personal defense guns. I have shot 5 for 5 with a charter arms Bulldog 44 special and a Smith and Wesson 2" model 637 38 special.

I use (used to be) my dads 3" Smith and Wesson 624 (44sp) from the Custom shop a lot.

I have found a laser sight is much slower than Irons or a dot.

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