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When it comes to competition shooting Pin Matches was my first love. I shot Second Chance, The Pin Nationals, and two of the big matches in PA, South Connellsville and Topton for several years, along with that many local club matches. Out of all of them I enjoyed the Pin Nationals the most. The Pin Nationals had three classes, I never was that big on a class system but the Pin Nationals was the most fair. If you won a class you had to move to the next higher class. The first Pin Nationals I shot they put me in C class because I had no wins at any of the bigger matches, I tried to get them to at least put me in B class but they said I had to start in C class and work my way up. In three years of shooting 50,000 live rounds of ammo a year I was an A class shooter. My best time at a big match was 2.7 seconds (timed by stop watches last pin on the ground) on a regulation table, my best time on a regulation table using a last shot stop timer was 1.65 seconds. I have no desire to compete anymore but if I did Pin shooting would be it.
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