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Our club has rimfire, Center fire revolver, and center fire semi.

This year we use steel plates cut out like pins on a hinge. One hit usually takes them down. Rimfire pins are thinner than center fire pins.

we shoot every week.

2 time trials @ 5 pins. Max 7 rounds in a mag, 2 mag max.

Revolver is speed loader, all you want.

For competition, its head to head. we have two tables.
folks are sorted by average time trials.

Blow a whistle, shoot till all pins are down.

First pins down wins. Elimination competition. So if you win, you get to shoot again depending on how many show up for that class.

Its been about 9 to 16 people per night.

For competition, all the mags or reloads you want are allowed. A good shooter gets it done in 5 shots. I rarely need another magazine and have no speed loader for my revolver.

Most any caliber, any sight.

Its a frikkin blast!
Loading 45s for it this week.

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