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Originally Posted by JLL
Like I said, I simply have no desire to keep a gun on me in my home. I do realize, if I needed the gun, it's going to take me...from doing dishes in the kitchen sink to retrieving and chambering a round...10-12 seconds, but that's just a risk I choose to assume.
That's completely understandable. Carrying a gun in the home is definitely not always comfortable or convenient. And depending on their house setup and their neighborhood, many people don't feel the need.

I decided to start carrying a gun in my home specifically for accessibility and convenience (at the time my wife was only pregnant so kids weren't an issue yet): We moved into a rental home that would be very easy to break into (heck, both my front and back doors are mostly glass). My two large dogs would definitely alert me if someone broke in, but I can't rely on them to do anything more than slow down a determined attacker. So I originally kept a few guns located in various places around my house.

But I got tired of having to constantly think about where the closest gun was and the fastest way to get to it. I got tired of trying to figure out the "perfect" place to keep a gun near the front door in case a casual knock on the door turned out to be a home invasion. I have a bad memory, so it always helps when I simplify things; so I just figured I'd greatly simplify things and just carry my gun on my body at all times. It just makes things a lot easier for me.
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