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Originally Posted by Guv
The logic here is, it's Skadoosh's home and family! I think he may know his particular situation better than the rest of us do.
That doesn't mean his logic makes any sense. My argument is that carrying a firearm on your body prevents children from finding it in your house and gaining access to it. However, his argument is that he doesn't carry at home because he doesn't want to give his five-year-old uncontrolled access to his firearm, which makes absolutely no sense.

Originally Posted by Skadoosh
I am not, however, willing to take the risk of my inquisitive child finding a unsecured gun if I chose to stash one at the ready...despite my educating her at every opportunity on the dangers of a unsecured gun. My child seems very understanding of the danger of firearms, but I remember just how inquisitive I was as a child. And despite the being exposed to guns my whole life and knowing the risks, my curiosity more often than not got the better of me on a great many things...including guns.
Exactly! This is the reason I'm arguing for carrying in your home: Stashed guns can be found. Safes can be left open. Lock boxes can be broken into. But the gun on your body is in your control at all times.

It's your choice to not carry inside your home, and that's completely fine. It's not for everybody. But if someone wants to be prepared for a home invasion while also keeping their gun away from their kids, I think carrying at home is the best way to do both.
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