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Thanks, Guv.

I do not want nor do I need to carry all the time...and certainly not in my home. All of my guns are securely locked up. In more than one place in my home. Of course, in the event of a home invasion, I would likely be screwed. But I am willing to take that risk.

I am not, however, willing to take the risk of my inquisitive child finding a unsecured gun if I chose to stash one at the ready...despite my educating her at every opportunity on the dangers of a unsecured gun. My child seems very understanding of the danger of firearms, but I remember just how inquisitive I was as a child. And despite the being exposed to guns my whole life and knowing the risks, my curiosity more often than not got the better of me on a great many things...including guns. Heck, I have even had a negligent discharge in my own home due to inattentiveness and lax safety precautions as an adult with a lot of firearms training and experience. More than once. And smart kids do stupid things all the time.

I will never admonish anyonefor choosing to carry while in their home if they feel that they should. But I don't feel that it is necessary or appropriate for me to carry in my home. Just like I don't carry a fire extinguisher around with me wherever I go.
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