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Surely you can understand that the risk of a home invasion is far outweighed by what could happen if my curious 5-year old gained uncontrolled access to my firearms.
So your 5-year old will wrestle you to the ground and rip your gun out of your holster when you're not looking? Your gun has a lot better chance of ending up in a kids hands if you have it unlocked or stashed in the house. Lock everything up and keeping a gun on your belt or pocket (holster) - even a LCP will keep you and your family safer than having everything locked up and trying to open a safe or lock box when you really need to get to it.

You know those FBI crime stats that they publish every year? Well, one of the few areas where crime is increasing is home robberies. NOTE: they don't officially have a home invasion category. Home robbery is when stuff is taken by force when someone is home.
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