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As a distributor of MD products, let me interject before this turns into another Internet witch hunt.

As the gun industry has known for a long time, distributors and manufacturers are subject to vicarious liability. We do not like it, nor do we support it. It is simply a sad fact of the litigous state we now live in. Our website states official policies regarding the sale of various items. However, we have yet to turn down sales to any reputable citizen. Have any of you even given Mad Dog or a distributor a call before jumping onto the boycott wagon? Have you been refused sale of knife?

Many times a retailer or manufacturer will post official policies as an additional defense from litigation and also to reserve the right to refuse sale to the gangbanger that comes up to the table at a gun show.

Give us a break and if you really want something, call and see what we're like before drawing conclusions.

Thanks for your time,

Street Smart Professional Equipment
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