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I may be wrong, but I had understood from what folks have said that the "shoestring" was installed as I mentioned on the AR-15, along with a "paddle".


After examining the above picture, I see how the system works, and it does appear to be a reasonably reliable way of gaining rapid fire. I also note the second BATFE letter saying that all shoestrings are not machineguns, for which I thank them.

I think that within the letter and intent of the law, BATFE is probably correct. A string made that way and arranged in that manner would have no other purpose but to convert a semi-auto into a full auto firearm, just like the string substituting for the lightning link. This is especially the case since the shooter does not need to pull the trigger to get a second shot, which is the criteria established in the law.

Like some other "parts", possession would not itself be illegal, but if installed on a rifle that way, it would be.

Here is a link to the "lightning link". It was my earlier understanding that the "string" substituted for the horizontal part of the device; I know other improvised devices have used common items such as paper clips.

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