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First, no one said "a shoestring is a machinegun." They said that a string made up to act as a lightning link, and inserted into an AR-15 in a certain way in combination with certain M16 parts, with the deliberate intent of making the weapon fire full auto is a machinegun under the "part or parts" section of the law. It is a stretch, and might be a tough sell to a jury, but the way the law is written, a shoestring made that way and used that way would be a machinegun. The idea is hardly new - a shoestring is a deadly weapon if it is put around someone's neck with intent to strangle that person. It is not the object, but the way it is intended to be used.

As to the other issue, ssilcon, frankly I get damned tired of people raving about the law being wrong, unconstitutional, unenforceable, etc. I agree that freedom is constantly being eroded, but the last time I checked, neither of us is charged with interpreting the Constitution, so what is the point in a rant? The law is what it is. We can try to change it, but meanwhile what are the alternatives to obeying it? Revolution? Prison? Please lay them out, so we can see whether we like them.

I am glad you register and vote. I am also damned tired of people raving against gun laws, then I find that they have never voted in their lives, never joined a pro-gun organization, never contributed to a pro-gun candidate, never did anything but stand around a gun shop, or on the internet, and rave and rant to those who already agree with them.

People on these forums usually have real questions and want real information. Most of us try to provide what help we can. I fail to see what you are contributing by whining about how the law shouldn't be what it is. I can't see that you provided any help, discussed any issue in a realistic way, or did anything but encourage the idea that any law anyone considers "bad" can be ignored.

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