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Well, Ssilicon,

Now you got that off your chest, what did it prove? If you violate the law, you take the consequences.

Since both Democratic candidates support a renewed AWB, to include all semi-auto firearms, it might be better to register and vote than to rant to us. (Mr. Obama, it is reported, would also press for a total ban, with confiscation, of all semi-autos, all handguns, and all repeating rifles and shotguns.)

Well Jim, I think you basically said in so many words that you don't like what I posted. That's too bad. I plan to do it anyway because last I checked, I don't take my orders from you.

Furthermore Jim, despite your deliberate implication to the contrary, I DO vote and AM registered, but thank you so much anyway for your attempt to discredit my character.

My intention with my post, was to make a point. That point being there is a 2nd ammendment to the COTUS and that more and more laws are passed which dilute and erode this right the 2nd provides.

Nowhere did I say that anyone should disobey the law. Also, conspicuously absent was any statement encourgaing blind obedience either. That maybe is a debate worth having among free men, but is outside the scope of my point. I merely wished to bring awareness that complacency with more and more restrictions may lead us down a path that we do not wish to travel.

Have a good day.
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