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I've long contended that the best self defense ammo is one that DOESN'T use marketing phrases like "Wound Channel" "Maximum Expansion" "Maximum/Extreme [anything]" and doesn't contain model names like "Terminal" "Critical" "Tactical" or be named after any animal like bull dogs, eagles, snakes, wolves or other animals who are traditionally thought of as aggressive or "cold blooded killers".

Ammo with the terms "Safety" or "Target" in the title, and endorsed by famous target shooters would seem litigant safer than "Red Dawn Battle Proven Maximum Velocity Extreme Expansion Cartiridges".

That and a record of you having regularly practiced with THAT round would be a good idea.

"No I target shoot with reduced load round nosed lead but for self defense I load up the higher pressure expanding jacketed hollow points"

""And those are the bullets you killed my client with? Shot out of your Python revolver? With combat grips?""

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