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Sporterized Enfield.
absolutely wrong. if it was a Pattern 14 rifle chambered in .303 British then it would be a sporterized enfield. however it is a US Model 1917 30 caliber, chambered in 30-06. therefore it is not, nor was it ever an Enfield rifle intended for service to the crown.

OP, a couple concerns.
1. it was hidden inside a wall. you may want to have the police run the numbers on it, just to be safe. nobody wants to have a dirty gun in their collection.

2. the bolt is not original, the GI bolts had a dogleg bolt similar to the ones of remington 600 carbines and XP-100 bolt action pistols. since that one looks like a modern sporter bolt handle you may want to confirm the caliber with an experienced gunsmith as it may have been modified to accept a different cartridge, 300 win mag seems to be a favorite with 1917 owners where I'm from.

3. though the stock may look kindof rough now, it actually appears to be quite salvageable. all it should need is some sandpaper and a fresh coat of varnish.

4. the outside looks pretty devoid of rust so you shouldn't have to worry much about moisture damage to anything but the stock. I would take the rifle out of the stock just to be sure though, when dealing with 95 year old rifles it is best to err on the side of safety.
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