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Australian gun laws and perspectives

G'day mate.

I just read this editorial in a major Australian paper in response to the McDonald Supreme Court decision in the United States. The editorial was written by David Weisbrot, a "professor of legal policy at the United States Studies Centre, University of Sydney" and a "professor of law and governance at Macquarie University".

He is very much against any relaxation of the existing strict and restrictive Australian gun laws, and worries that the US court decision could lead some in Australia to push for changes.

I'm not interested in this post becoming a place to castigate the gentleman for his views. His views are fine; they are his.

What I am interested in is: What other perspectives on gun laws can get published in any major Australian media outlet? More generally, what other perspectives on armed self-defense (self-defence, in UK spelling) exist in Australia and are being pushed from the bottom up, even if they can't get published in the mainstream Australian media?

UPDATE: Here is the link:
Sorry I neglected to include it earlier this afternoon.

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