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BP Shotgun Shells

I finally got to the range yesterday, after a few weeks of agonizing weather and a bout with the flu. Ahh....heaven.

As usual, the black plastic rifle guys were there, setting up their thousand dollar spotting scopes, polishing their carefully loaded ammunition and squinting out at the 400 yard targets. Good on 'em.

Me, I was loading up a few cylinders of yummy Pyrodex and noticing that the breeze was out of the west...and they were due east. Such is life.

Anyway, all went well, as far as I'm concerned. The pistols all worked quite nicely and the shotgun patterned well. But that leads me to my question about loading the shells.

They're 12 gauge Magtech brass shells, the ones that use the large pistol primer. I load them with Pyrodex RS using a 4.3cc Lee dipper, and the same amount of 7.5 lead shot. I've got a .130" nitro card between the powder and the shot, then an overshot card on top of the shot. But that only takes up about half to 2/3 of the shell volume. It works fine, at least on paper, but should I be concerned that I'm not filling up the shell with...something?

Oh, the long range dudes were all happy to take a turn with an 1858 Remington. One thing about BP guns: if you're not a sociable fella, you'd be best off shooting alone!
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