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The original AR/M16 design kept the pins from walking with spring legs riding in grooves on the pins. Improper assembly could negate that, and I've personally seen it happen. Saw a trigger pin that had walked about half way out turn a semi auto shot into burst fire. This is the reason regular GIs were not authorized to disassemble the lower receiver group. Company Armorers were not authorized to disassemble the lower receiver group. That was a function of Direst Support level Small Arms repairmen, people who had been trained in how to put it back together, CORRECTLY. I was one of those in the 70s.

Pin rotation was never an issue, GI parts just don't fit that tightly on the pins.

Now, when you replace the GI system with aftermarket parts, you do lose the benefits of the GI system pin retention, so something else must be done to ensure the pins don't walk. Market solution: "anti-walk" pins.
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