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I really feel like I’m cheating my own values to walk in to a discussion just to dump on the idea. Lots of folks do that in gun forums and I don’t want to be that kind of contributor.

With that said I just can’t wrap my head around why anyone would even consider this crazy Rube Goldberg exercise.

A brick of primers pre-worldgonenuts was like $32+tax. Right now if you are lucky and living right, you can snag a brick for $70 if someone has ‘em in stock for that 3 minute window you are looking. $Crazy at the gun show has ‘em for $100 or $125 or $200 for the real tools.

That’s a THOUSAND primers. Now consider the work it would take to make home brew primers even if you somehow had this secret explosive formula. You’re still talking about taking old dead primers and removing the anvil? Are you pushing out the firing pin dent already in them? Are you scraping out all the dreck?

Are you going to do this a thousand times?

In the last year, I have paid $50 for a thousand primers, and I did that 11 times. Even paying $50 peeved me off, but I did it. But if someone told me that I had to make a thousand primers doing all the work I listed above -AND- also screwing around with an explosive wet slurry? -AND- hoping this home brew works and works reliably and I won’t ever get to find out that answer until I drop the hammer on my silly patchwork & duct tape handload?

OR… I could skip that by throwing a hundred dollar bill at a brick of them? For the one part of the loaded round that takes the LEAST amount of space to store, by far?

Y’know, we sometimes spitball dumb ideas, it’s fun to be honest.

This is a royally dumb idea. I can’t see even the slightest bit of value in it.
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