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Egyptian FN 49 issues

OK Webley. Was using Federal 170gr sp. I had left the gas adjust as found, at the 12 o clock? position Straight up. Now that I think of it the first couple were ejecting, more like "poopin", out next to me, on the bench, inches away. Assume the previous owner was using that old mil-surp. Likely much hotter fmj? Break is about 1/2" wide, 1" long, less than 1/4" deep, exposing left rear of reciever. If I had found the other piece I think I could do a good epoxy repair. I do have a "sliver" from left side that will go back almost seemless. If I can get it to hold. I scoured the range for that other piece. Tough to find in a pile of rusty spent cartridges. Also, piston spring seems a bit tired. But I don't know how it should feel. I will say barrel actually cleaned up pretty well after a couple shots. What do you think of those abrasive bullets, forget the name. Used for "cleaning" barrels. Maybe hone it? Or keep swabbing away. I will go back and check my torque on screws, but action seems tight in stock. Does this recoil against the stock inlet? Am concerned about that exposed reciever section. Good tip on Sarco.
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