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I agree that we probably won't see any major gun control legislation that goes anywhere anytime soon. The President and certain legislators like Kennedy, Feinstein, Schumer, McCarthy, Boxer, Durbin, etc. can be as anti-gun as they like but they still have to get the rest of congress to go along with them. While the Democrats may control congress, many of them are from more conservative states in the south, west, and midwest and know that voting for gun-control legislation may cost them re-election (the Dems lost both the House and Senate after passing the AWB in '94) and would thusly be less than eager to vote for such a measure. The extreme anti looneys like McCarthy have and will probably continue to introduce their asnine bills, but like McCarthy's previous work it will likely die in committee. The key as I see it is to make clear to congress that we're watching them and I can think of no easier and more effective way to do this than by joining or maintaining membership with the NRA.
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