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Well said, WBB. I'd be interested too. People just don't understand. If you have 1 buck to every 15 or 20 does, or more, sometimes the bucks will simply die of sheer exhaustion trying to chase & mate every doe in rut, particularly when there is a cold snap immediately following the rut, when they go back to feeding to try to replenish their systems after rut. How are you gonna get big deer if they're die in middle age from too much sex? Sure it'd be a great way to "go" (better than getting hunted I guess. ). But that's not conducive to big bucks for the hunters.

I definitely like this better than the alternative of "must shoot a doe before a buck". That's no good, if the BIG one comes along. But as mentioned, after a few more years, they should change it to one buck per year per hunter, all seasons combined. OR perhaps, better yet, one buck only in gun & primitive seasons combined, and one more buck in archery - that would be the best way. Not allow two in gun/primitive combined - you only get two bucks if you are archery hunting one of them, either before or after (or during) gun & primitive seasons.
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