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One of our newly elected lawmakers just left my office, and he told me that the original bill that was proposed on this was worded to make a hunter harvest a Doe before he could hunt a Buck, but that bill was voted down and they put this bill up instead. They also considered a kind of "slot limit"
if you will, letting you shoot a buck with 4 points or less, or 8 points or bigger, but they thought that would be to hard to police.

I think all of your opinions are right on, and I can see where this new law can help the ratio. I have no problem taking a Doe because I am a meat hunter, but I know guys that wouldn't harvest a Doe if their life depended on it. The guys that want to hunt a Buck only, are really contributing to the problem, but it is hard to convince them of that. I have tried several times to encourage them to harvest a Doe, and give the meat to someone who needs it (there are people in every community that need the meat and can't afford it) but I haven't had much luck with that.

I am fortunate to have some guys that hunt on our lease that will harverst their limit of does every year, but the ratio is not changing much. We still have about 15 or 20 Does to every Buck we see. All of us on the lease will only shoot Bucks with at least 8 points, and then, only if it is a nice 8 point, but since you can't keep them caged up, the guys on the property around us probably get a lot of them.

It will be interesting to see the effect this new law has on numbers and size over the next few years.
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