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Yep, and I'm all for it. Two bucks total for the year. I wouldn't even have a problem with one buck for the year (all seasons combined), to increase buck quality, and encourage people to kill more does. Then you have to decide whether or not to harvest any particular buck, or hold out for a better one. Does provide meat. Hopefully this will make the rut more competitive, and thus increase scrapes & other territorial activity, as well as make them more responsive to grunts, rattling and such. The buck to doe ratio is out of whack and this will help it back towards the right balance.

So absolutely helping; no question. Your folks out there don't understand the big picture. I had to explain this to my buddy too, who was a bit perturbed. I still don't think he gets it. Again, it oughtta be ONE buck per year, per hunter. You can still get 6 or 7 does for meat, if you want to, and this helps EVERYONE harvest bigger bucks with bigger racks. It's a no brainer if you understand how the herd and growth rates really work. Does taste just as good or better than small racked bucks, and who are you gonna impress with your little forkhorn or 7 pointer anyway?
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