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Originally Posted by buddyd157 View Post
don't blame the online stores., blame the covid 19 bull crap.

every place i order from, has a disclaimer usually at the top of the site, spelling out about delays due to covid 19. they are short staffed these days.

the glock store tells me "up to 14 days" before my order can even be processed.

from the glock store....

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every person and business around the world. is no exception. Order volume has increased dramatically, and we’re doing everything possible to process and ship orders quickly. Unfortunately, while our current shipping backlog is decreasing, it is hard to give an accurate estimate on our shipping delays. For this, we’re truly sorry, but we are making headway! We are doing everything we can to maintain proper social distancing and ship as fast as possible.

You may still request expedited shipping, but it will only affect the actual shipping time, not necessarily how long it takes to process your order and ship it out the door.

We are still taking online orders and shipping, but to protect our employees, we are practicing social distancing in our shipping department, which dramatically reduces the number of packages we can ship on any one day.
I can understand all that, but even during this Covid Crisis I've been able to get orders sent to me in less than 4 weeks, but when I see the fine print that still charges people 15% of the order for cancelling, there's something wrong with that.

BTW, they're not BBB accredited either, of course I didn't bother to look them up before I ordered from them.

Lesson I learned is next time I buy from a place for the first time, I'll look at their BBB rating.
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