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For lighter recoil a faster powder like WST will work better. WSF is a slower powder than W231 is. You will feel more recoil with it in its ideal range. Bullets probably will be moving faster as well. I prefer using WST in .45 acp. I have a good load worked up with a 185 grain JHP bullet.

4.4 to a max of 4.9 grains of WST should give you a nice soft shooting load with a 230 FMJ round nose bullet. Less than 4.4 grains probably won't cycle your pistol. You probably will like a 4.5 to 4.6 grain load. WST does make an accurate, soft shooting and clean load in my opinion. I also use it for .38 special at times and with 9 mm loads. It also fills the case better than some other powders do. The 9 mm loads are nearly a compressed load. WST is great for punching holes in targets. I have not found too many people, that have tried it, not like it. If you feel you need the felt recoil to enjoy shooting .45 acp then WSF is a better choice.
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