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Shot a few mags of the WSF ammo today. I didn't get too excited as the outside temp was only 4* at the time.

They (all 14) grouped into 2.0" at 10 yards shot through my SA Range Officer.

That's about as good as I can shoot any load.

They did seem a bit stouter than the 5.5 gr 231 load I usually use. The spent brass went a few feet further than normal on ejection, also!

No signs of pressure on the empties I was able to locate in the snow. I haven't cleaned the pistol yet, so I am not sure if any lead was left in the barrel.

WSF seems like it may be a good sub for the 231. I may need to back off on the charge a bit to equal the easy 231 loads. I need to shoot them over the chronograph and see.

Hope for some warmer weather!
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