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I bought one. So far I know of only one place that has really tested them (machine gun rental place in Vegas) and that is just anecdotal, not data. They only had two of the Sharps bolts - one died around 6000 and the other was still going but had less than 20k? (going from memory here so could be foggy).

There has been at least one recall of Sharps bolts due to hydrogen embrittlement issues.* The owner didn't know if these bolts were pre or post recall. The owner didn't bother acquiring any other Sharps bolts because he was already getting over 20k on the budget bolts he was using.

*I've got a list of broken pistol parts and every single one of them had an NP3 finish (as the Sharps bolt does). It is tough to make a fair comparison because that pistol has had probably four times the round count of the next nearest competitor; but it doesn't reassure me any.

As far as use, it is slicker and cleans up better than NiB without discoloring. Logically, the design changes they made should improve function; but there isn't a lot of hard data to support that conclusion I have seen.
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