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Sounds like you had a decent place to hunt at one time bamaranger. Times change. Property use changes. FWIW: Y'all have to adapt to each others neighborly behaviors I think. Probably you and your crew will have to make some clever changes in those hunting inequities. Especially since those fellows on the other side of the fence line already have. As it's said: "Now its your turn!!"
Deer routing is changeable. Just takes some effort and planing is all. As would new placement of your stands and {area's} for food plots.
Draw out a 2-maps. One map: as things are seen on both sides of the fence today.
A second map of y'all's (clever) resolve. Then. "Get busy and get er done!!"

IMHO: I don't see any benefit for either party when surveying the situation over who's right and who's wrong or I was here first thinking.

No doubt this will be a test of the comradery in your crew. Who's willing to step up and help make those changes and those who are willing to stand around and bellyache about the situation y'all find yourselves in.

Post Script;
As far as the neighbor's deer feeder goes. I would let that one slide. Probably does more good than harm for both sides of the fence in its ability to draw deer thru and onto both properties.
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