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Their property, their right to do as they please. Are they being inconsiderate? I dunno. If they are safe and only shoot animals on their property, how are they any different than you? Over the years I have heard the same story from other folks. Someone comes in and cuts them off. Or puts a Blind downrange of the only place they can shoot. Land next door that was never hunted before by others is now being hunted. Most times the "Bugs me no end" is not because of safety, but because of the fear the "new" neighbors will get "my/our" deer. Truth is, I doubt there is any one here that has hunted for more than a handfull of years that has not experienced this. Land changes hands, friendships change and hunters move around on public land. Truth is, if you don't own it, you have no control over it, and sometime in the future, things WILL change. If the "new" neighbors hunt safely and ethically, feed deer year round and have only a small parcel to hunt, they may enhance your hunting spot. Either by pushing deer off the area that was a sanctuary or unhuntable to you before or just attracting more deer.
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