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O/P -- here's a important suggestion as I just moved into a Flintstone village --

A - Who else knows you shoot ?
Depending on the so called "rules" -- firearms / explosives in the building might be frowned upon ---- keep your mouth shut -

And people talk -- "the guy in 3-C has weapons" -- "Good lets steal them"

2 - The maintenance dept under the guise of an emergence / rumor ( big mouth runs into the rental office ) -- will enter your unit anytime they feel like it --- maybe the'll tell you --- maybe not ?

Once upon a time when I worked for apartment complexes -- they would call ahead for planed maintenance -- or -- knock on the door then enter without advanced notice -- We we're told don't touch anything -- but -- "Look for anything against the rules or really out of place" --

Hobby work benches are common -- anything firearm related -- "Anything" -- should be -- "locked away"

Inside motion activated security camera wouldent hurt either
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