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I am also confused by the lack of information provided. First, you wrote:

I used the hornady manual for the reloads
Then you added:

... but what I did was just take the hornady manual’s amounts and use then EXACTLY as written without the max.
Respectfully, I have no idea what that means. I'll guess, based on the way the Hornady load data are formatted, that you found the page for the bullet you're using and loaded a few cartridges for each of the listed velocities but you skipped the last one -- the one that's shaded in red and indicated as "Maximum load - use with caution."

The 55-grain bullet data aren't on their web site so, for those who may not be familiar with the way Hornady presents load data (it's a bit different from Hodgdon, for example), they do have data for some 62-grain bullets on their web site:

Did you just shoot for groups, or did you run your loads through a chronograph to see how consistent the velocities are? What distance were you shooting at? How many rounds did you load within each velocity group?
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