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Don't get wrapped up in the whole "correct" stuff. A "correct" carbine has been made that way by somebody with too much time and money. None of the original makers made all of the parts so there's really no such thing anyway. Carbine parts were made by hordes of small shops all over the Eastern Seaboard.
"...released to a retiring officer..." Rumoured to be "purchased only". Never seen any documentation of that myself, but no troopie, commissioned or not, was allowed to keep his issued weapon. Means there's no such thing as a 'Bring back' either.
No documentation means just that, so buy the rifle not the story. Lotta dealers are bad for making stuff up about milsurps in general.
"...$1800 - $2800 range..." Lots of Carbines on Gunbroker at far less. Some are well under a grand.
Simpsons LTD is showing Carbines at lees than $1800 too. Their prices are high though.
Spelling and grammar count!
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