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I was trained to make critical motions like that as smoothly and bereft of wasted motion as possible. Not necessarily fast, at least not at first, and concentrate on maximizing smoothness (one continuous motion) and minimizing motion loss. As you accomplish these two things, speed will naturally follow. Once "smooth" and "absent motion loss" are well and truly ingrained, THEN concentrate on speed.

I think at least PART of why this seems (seemed) to work for ME is that it instills (instilled) in me the high confidence that I WOULD MOST ASSUREDLY ACCOMPLISH that magazine change, or empty gun drill, in a short time. Once the certainty of doing what I needed to do was present, doing it faster was a less certain, though very probable thing, made more probable by continuous practice.

If all of that sounds a little too "ZEN/BRUCE LEE/KUNG FU", I hope you'll overlook that. For I was trained by a true master of the art.
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