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I remember an Instructor, who insisted his Officers rack the slide on their Glock's, if the slide closed on a hard insert of a magazine, when the slide had locked back on an empty pistol. Also saw jams induced as well.

I have never failed to chamber a round in those circumstances.
But when the slide releases unexpectedly when the magazine is seated it's not what you expect to happen. Unexpected events impact your decision-making, particularly the Orientation and Decision phases of your OODA Loop. When it happens you hesitate as you mentally labor to make sense of the unexpected situation and then make a decision what to do next. The result is it takes longer to get back into the fight.

Whereas if you train to immediately rack the slide as part of every Combat Reload then you don't hesitate because the action is intuitive. It's an ingrained response (Observe-Act) and you simply do as you've trained to do. You're back in the fight sooner because your OODA Loop hasn't been disrupted by the unexpected.
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