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Reload Drill Question

Hello all,

I do a good bit of dry fire practice with my carry pistol (S&W M&P 9c) and use the same drills during my live fire practice. I draw from concealment and fire from different position and distances, trying to think of the most realistic scenarios without getting too fancy.

One part of my drills is reloading. I'll do a string of reloads, firing a few shots, stepping to the side and reloading. My question, should I be training to rack the slide after reloading, every time, even when the gun isn't empty? Part of me thinks its just easier to train to run the slide no matter what, however, I also wonder if doing so is inviting a potential failure. For instance, wet, injured or bloody handed attempts that slip off the slide...

Over thinking? I feel like its a valid question and I'm interested in reading everyone replies.


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