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Tactical Reloads--some common sense...

Originally Posted by JohnKSa View Post
For my part, there are a couple of main reasons that it is worth talking about.

The way tactical reloads are incorporated into some of the supposedly practically oriented shooting competitions reinforces the use of poor tactics and penalizes those who try to take a more realistic approach to reloading under the gun. The rules of one organization effectively encourage competitors to take a loaded firearm out of the fight by reloading it before a reload is actually required and while targets still need to be engaged, and then, on top of that, the rules require that this unnecessary reload be done in a manner that takes about 3 times as long as necessary.

Second, many instructors and institutions have bought into the concept of the tactical reload and spend time (waste their students' time and money, IMO) teaching it in contexts where it has no realistic application.
Being outside the competition environment, I often miss valid points relating to it. As someone interested in practical shooting, and appreciative of the fact that many people leverage competition for practical skill development, I can see why something that is not actually practical would be a source of irritation.
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