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3x3x3 Rule....

I agree with the 3x3x3 Rule....
That is with a license holder or armed citizen; not a sworn on duty LE officer, US armed forces member, security officer/EP agent, etc a "gunfight" or critical incident would be: 3 fired rounds in approx 3 seconds at a range of 3 feet.
A armed citizen or CCW license holder should be ready to defend themselves and have at least one or two spare reloads(magazines or speed strips).
Remember the old saying: two is one & one is none.
Doing tactical or reloading drills is not a bad idea IMO either.

Years ago, my cousin was jumped & robbed by 2 armed thugs. Off to the side, about 50 feet away, a older male subject watched the event.
A police detective later told my cousin the armed robbery may have been a "test" or requirement to join a gang.
If a license holder were to engage the same threat, the use of a extra magazine or revolver speed loader/strip might come into use.
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