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I think shooters go overboard on the customization of M1911s and thinking NIB is not good enough. My AMT Hardballer was shooting too low, I sent the slide to them, it came back fine. Pachmayr grips and a white outline rear sight are the only modifications I have made to it. I had high fixed sights installed on the slide of my Colt Mark IV-then got another Colt slide for it. I had MMC sights installed on my Satin Finish Combat Commander as I simply could not see the factory sights, especially in bright light. The safety on that is stiff when being engaged, probably some very gentle polishing would solve that. Triggers on all 3 are fine as is. I did install flat mainspring housings on the Colts-the Hardballer came that way, decided that felt better in my hand. Otherwise they are stock. It seems to me the Glock shooters like their favorite "as is", likewise the SIG and S&W shooters don't go in for customizing. Better to spend time at the range and dryfiring to get familiar with it.
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