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When it comes to gun shops, gun shows, and ranges a lot of gun owners tend to feel less inhibited and often forget the basics of gun safety.

How many times have you been swept with a muzzle at walmart or the grocery store by someone who pulls out their carry piece? Now how about at a gun shop, shooting range, or gun show?
I believe there's still a thread discussing this in the General Discussion forum. The issue has come up before and has been beaten to death.

A shop near me had a guy looking at shotguns. For some reason, he'd brought a 12ga shell with him for "fitting" to the gun. He asked to see one, and when nobody was looking, he dropped the shell in the chamber. According to him, "something happened."

"Something" involved a negligent discharge that took out an entire display case and endangered everyone present. This wasn't their first time. People don't do stuff like that at Linens-R-Us or Bowl-O-Rama. They do at gun shops.

The shop now disallows loaded weapons, except for their regulars. Does this mean they're Brady sellouts and anti-2nd Amendment "bigots?" If it does, they've got me fooled, since two of the employees are active NRA recruiters.

The situation is even more dangerous at gun shows, where you've got hundreds of people milling around unsupervised. As I've pointed out, none of us would do something that stupid. The problem is, we're not the only ones at gun shows. It just takes one yokel to make things very dangerous or tragic for everyone.

If there's a situation that results in injury or death, how long do you think it'll be before the local government comes under pressure to refuse a permit for the venue in the future?

I certainly don't like having to disarm for a gun show, but as with many things in life, those of us who are responsible have to pay for those who are not. That's why every nearly consumer product has a warning label of some sort.

Discretion on the part of a venue owner does not equal a tyrannical attack on the 2nd Amendment. Sheesh.
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