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Yes, it is hypocritical in my opinion, but still you have to respect private property, their show, their rules. Perhaps not the best analogy, but it seems to me this is like having a motorcycle show where you couldn't ride your bike in, you had to trailer it and the gas tank has to be empty. I'm going to wager that the number of fatalities related to motorcycles is higher than to CCW permit holders.

The hypocritical part is this: "I can carry safely, but those other guys having guns scares me!" Don't you all see this is exactly the mindset of the people who only want the police and military to have guns? Yes, some people carry who don't know the rules of safety, but does that mean no one should be allowed to? Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch, that's exactly what leads to more gun laws and restrictions. I'm very disappointed that some fellow TFL members can't see how close their mindset is to the anti-gun crowd's.
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