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I see some are jumping right to the 550B. While it is a great press one of the best progressive on the market I personaly don't think it is for begginers.
A beginning handloader can follow instructions and learn to use it as long as they aren't a beginner in following instructions in general. There's even a video that makes things even simpler.

There's nothing wrong with a beginner starting with a single stage, but I reject the idea that a beginner wouldn't feel the 550B is for him.

I prefer the RCBS RockChucker for loading rifle ammo since precision rather than high production is the goal. It would be fine for loading some pistol ammo not needed in high volume.

If one went with the RCBS single stage, the extra camming power of the RockChucker wouldn't be necessary and one could get the RCBS Junior--unless one had the insight to consider the possibility of loading for rifle, as well at some point.

But to start loading for .45ACP opens up a new world where, eventually, the shooter is likely to be loading for other calibers as well, and the slow speed of the single stage isn't acceptable if one shoots quite a bit. When you figure in the expense of the other equipment needed for reloading, the extra cost of the progressive (which precludes the added expense of the initial single stage) would prove more economical in the end.
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