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Marital Harmony

During the American Civil War, Confederate General Bragg's Army of Tennessee bottled up Rosecrans in Chattanooga. Supplies were very tenuous and 1/2 rations or less were very common. Luckily for them, Grant had just been appointed in charge of all the Union armies and his first task was to rescue Rosecrans trapped army. Step 1 was to sack Rosecrans and replace him with "The Rock of Chickamauga," General Thomas. Grant also ordered two corps from the Army of the Potomac (including Hooker) as well Sherman's Army to march to their relief. That's enough background for the incident to follow which involves Pvt. Jacob Hoover of Co. H, 41st Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

"One of the stories that went the rounds in the Forty-first at this time was that private Hoover, of H company, being intensely homesick, thinking besides that there was little to do in Chattanooga, and knowing there was not enough to eat, asked for a furlough. The petition was discouraged by captain and colonel, and then Hoover asked leave to go to Gen. Thomas in person. He succeeded in getting to the general, and made his plea, ending with the statement, 'Why, General, it's nigh on two years since I've seen my wife.' 'Well, my man, said Thomas, 'I haven't seen my wife for more than three years.' Hoover was staggered, but recovered. He straightened himself into the position of 'Attention' and made his salute as he answered, 'Well, General, me and my wife ain't that kind of folks.'"
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