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We often hear about tales of cool marksmanship in battle. However, what is rare is a description of the marksman. It appears that the following individual would be a good prototype for the Davy Crockett character of the old Disney movie. At the battle at Conception during the Tejano revolt against Mexico:

"Captain Bowie urged the boys to be cool and deliberate and to waste no power and balls, but to shoot to hit. And it was at this time that I first remember having seen a blue eyed, fair-haired boy about my own age. He carried a long hunting rifle and was dressed in a buckskin hunting suit and fur cap. I noticed during the fight that this youth never fired without taking very careful aim, and ever time his long gun blazed, he would duck his head and look under the smoke to see if he got his man. After the fight was over I made inquiry as to who the young marksman was and was told that his name was Si R. Bostock."
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