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Originally Posted by Aguila Blanca View Post
And, if you want to be a purist, if the only "authentic" full-size 1911 is in .45 ACP, then the only "authentic" Commander 1911 would have to be in 9mm Luger.
Ha, great point. And it would have to have an aluminum-alloy frame as well. (But since the Commander was never actually adopted by the Army, we could also argue that it wouldn't be entitled to a "1911" label at all, certainly not "M1911," a designation it probably wouldn't have received in 1949.)

The idea that caliber designates any firearm as "authentic" is absurd to me. The military was the only customer for early 1911s, and the military almost always mandates a standard caliber, for obvious reasons. So? Just about everything sold on the commercial market is offered in multiple calibers eventually, also for obvious reasons. Caliber itself is not a litmus test and never has been.
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