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The ruger is, well, just a ruger
Yes, the Ruger is just a Ruger, but what a Ruger! My 77/22 Target Grey shoots 1/2" at 50 yds all day long with cheap American Eagle ammo, 3/8" with Federal Champions, and just ragged 1-hole groups with CCI Green Label or Federal Gold Match, and at 100 yds I can keep a whole box inside of a 2" standard 25' NRA slow fire target spot. Not too bad, I feel. The 77/22 is an incredible action, strong, reliable, and attractive to look at. The Weatherby will be as accurate as any Anschutz rifle is, and has a nice stock but the action itself is just so-so to look at. My advice is to go with the Ruger, and spend the difference in price between the two rifles on a good scope for it.
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