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Txgunman the form 4 has in the box "A.O.W Pistol unit with collapsible stock". yes, my name is in the Transferee's name and address box. "approved" is checked in the ATF section and it has 2 different signatures on the last line. My pic is on back with the signature of the Nueces Cty Sheriff at the time. There is a 2 letter and 5 number black stamp at top of form. example PS00000 format. This weapon was made in 2002.
What is the denomination on that Form 4 tax stamp?

As previously mentioned, an AOW cannot have a shoulder stock. And no federal law or ATF regulation has ever defined an AOW as "A.O.W pistol unit with shoulder stock" fact that phrase is chock full of Thats because an AOW cannot be a pistol and cannot have a shoulder stock.

My concern is that ATF approved the transfer of an AOW that doesn't meet the definition of AOW.......meaning you aren't in lawful possession of an actual AOW, but an SBR.
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