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Originally Posted by lamarw View Post
Here is a picture of my Manurhin MR73. I am pleased with it and have nothing negative to say about it.

The only negative is the few times I have posted it on different forums there is always someone knocking it. It will likely happen here.

I simply don't let it bother me.

I have a sizeable accumulation of S&W revolvers to include a number of triple locks and numerous newer revolver in Model 29's and Model 27's to include a Pre-Mod. I do believe the MR73 is a better built revolver and that is not a knock against S&W.
Having handled both the Korth and Manurhin I'd buy a MR73 in a heartbeat over the Korth. The Korth was over $5,000 but didn't fit me well and I didn't care for the trigger. The MR73 was every bit as nice as I expected. If they would make .22 LR's again, I'd buy one today.
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