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the original .30-06 were all used with heavier than 150gr bullets.
Not exactly. The original .30-06 came about when the Army wanted to go from the .30-03's 220 gr roundnose to a 150 gr spitzer like the Germans had. The '06 didn't get a heavier GI bullet until the 173 gr M1 boattail of about 1925 and went back to 150 ca 1940.

12 inch twist barrels more accurate.
There is a story that once upon a time, spot checking of service rifles and full testing of match and sporter Springfields started showing better accuracy. It turned out that a mechanic had put the wrong sine bar in the rifling machine and it was delivering an 11 inch twist. So what did management do? Told him to put the 10" bar back in to meet specifications.

But it sticks in my head that Harry Pope made Krag barrels with an 8" twist and they were found accurate at the time.
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