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You can find many vids on you tube of people hunting squirrels with these. It can, has, and will continue to be done. however these guns are LOW on energy so precise shot placement is key to ensure a clean kill.

basic calculations based on the stated velocity. I doubt you will get the stated velocity though as generally these are tested with ultra light weight alloy pellets.

stated 460fps
Pellet, JSB Diablo exact 15.89g, BC 0.037
Muzzle 7 ft lb
25yfd 6 ft lb
50yds 5 ft lb
75yd 5 ft lb
Sparrow 2.0ft-lbsPP
Valley Pocket Gopher - 3.0ft-lbs**
Squirrel - 3.0ft-lbs
Pigeon - 3.0ft-lbs
Rabbit - 5.0ft-lbs
Crow - 5.0ft-lbs
Groundhogs 10+ft-lbs
Raccoon - 40ft-lbs**
Fox - 65ft-lbs**
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.

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