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Originally Posted by Andy1 View Post
I've decided to get a Winchester 1885 in 6mm Creedmoor. It's available in a High Wall and Low Wall. Can someone explain the difference and any pros/cons so I can make an informed decision. Thanks for the help.
I had a B78 in 6mm Remington (high wall) and a Browning low-wall in .22 Hornet. The 6mm was the most accurate rifle I have ever owned despite its octagon sportier weight barrel. I made the mistake of taking it apart one time to clean spilled powder out of the action. It took me three days to figure out how to get it back together (I think the factory had slave pins or a fixture to assemble it). When I told the local gunsmith how I had taken three days, he said: "That is not too took me three weeks to get one back together.

As for the low-wall in .22 Hornet, it seemed to have a different trigger assembly than the high-wall had (I think, but not sure). It was never as good as the high-wall and if it was lubed with oil, it had creep (uneven movement...seemed to move with changing amount of finger pressure).

As I remember, the high-wall gave less access to the hammer for cocking than did the low-wall.

Both beautiful guns. Sold the B78 6mm Rem. to help finance grad school, gave the .22 Hornet to a neighbor Amish boy for helping put in replacement windows when I was too weak from chemotherapy to finish the job .
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