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Indiana LTCH information availability (Indiana LEO's please respond)

First off, if this isn't the proper place for this thread, my apologies.

A couple weeks ago, I was pulled over by the Indiana State Police for a traffic violation (not wearing my seat belt). Almost immediately after asking for my driver's license and registration, the officer asked me if I had a handgun in my car (I had made no indication that I was armed and the handgun was not within his view). I replied that I did and told him where in the vehicle it was (he asked where it was). The officer then asked for my LTCH (license to carry a handgun) as well as the revolver and took my driver's license, registration, LTCH, and handgun (it was inside a soft case when I handed it to him) back to his car with him. A few minutes later, he returned with all four items, issued me a ticket, and we both went on our ways.

The part that puzzled me was that I've never been asked if I had a handgun in my vehicle when I've been pulled over before (not a particularly common occurrence, but it's happened a few times) though this was the first time I've ever been stopped by a state trooper. This, in turn, got me to thinking: when my license plates are run, does it tell the LEO whether or not I have a LTCH? If not, do the State Police have a policy of asking for some reason?

Also, I must admit that I was a bit irritated that he removed the firearm from the vehicle as it was rather out of the way (under the driver's seat) and I have no criminal record other than minor traffic violations (seatbelt violations) and a parking ticket. Did the officer have any legal right to take my handgun while he wrote the ticket? When he returned it, it did not appear that he had even opened the case (the gun was still loaded and the two speedloaders in with it appeared unmolested) and he was gone such a short period of time that it seemed unlikely that he would've had time to run the serial number to check for a stolen firearm.
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